What is OsClass ? Its a Organisation or Scam | Facts about osclass org

OsClass.Org a Fraud Company

OsClass is Open Source Classified framework through anyone can make a Classified web site. Setup knowledge is required. They were doing good job sometime back. But this article is about the unethical stuff what OsClass developers started doing. At initial they provide Free software and for premium features you have to purchase the Theme and plugins. That is also Ok, because good things always comes with a price Tag. But problem comes when they sell products on their market and after some time they remove those purchased products from your profile Purchase List. Recently I noticed that what purchased in 2016 from their official market. They removed those those from my profile in May 2018. When I asked them then they replied that I never purchased those products. I gave them all the proofs showing my purchases. Also support and tickets can be raised from the developers only if you purchased the products. So the past communication is still in my OsClass message box. Still without any reason they removed those and stoped responding when they have no answer in against my all showed evidence by me for the purchases. See the Screen shots for all communication and Proofs.

CLICK to See the Small Review
CLICK to See the Small Review


This article is to guide everyone that OsClass Now days running a SCAM of cheating and they are doing fraud with innocent people. If they can not provide the support they should stop selling those Themes and plugins. There are lots of BUGS in their plugins which they are offering to their official marketplace.

So before you purchase think so many time that your purchases can be removed at any time without any reason. Go through with the all communication I had with them Some time they accepted that then after they denied. They agree for the refund also but later they denied. So if they are saying that I never purchased purchased those MadHouse themes and Plugins so how come I running my web site on that. Also what about the evidence which i showed from their own web site? Its simply shows their carelessness and Arrogant behaviours. Oscar Ribas blocked me from his Twitter profile. They do this kind of cheap things if they have no answer for the queries. Rather then giving the tech support to their purchased Theme and plugins they stops communicating and following ups.


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