How to create an effective Ad on Guideline

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Guideline:- How to create an effective Ad on

Before you start, make sure you have accurate details of your item you are selling.

Ensure you set a realistic price of your item.
The pricing of your item is very important in determining how quickly you will be able to sell it.

Upload at least 4-5 clear photo’s of your item.. even if you are selling Car, Real Estate or even Microwave oven.

Check your products owner’s manual and other documents and provide all the necessary details in the description field.

Provide as much information about your item as possible, this will help buyers decide quickly and you will be able to sell your product faster.

In case you are in a hurry.. you can enter only the basic details now, and edit your Ad later to provide more details by clicking the Link provided in the email sent to you after the Ad has been posted.

Selling any Stolen goods including Cars, Bikes or any other item on this site is strictly prohibited; in case it is found that any stolen good has been posted on this site, company reserves the right to remove the Ad and take appropriate action as per the company policy.

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