25 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are Superior Dogs | Call 96999 99338

25 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are Superior Dogs | Call 96999 99338 1. Super Friendly
If you have been looking for the best friendly pet to bring into your family, then you should think about Golden Retrievers.

2. They are Quiet
A golden retriever is a type of a large-sized breed of a dog that is usually calm and quiet, easy to train from basic to advanced levels of obedience. They have an enormous love for water and games with familiar faces.

3. They are Eager to Please
There are some pets out there who are simply a mess, or those that are very clingy and take up a lot of attention, time and energy of their owners.

4. Great with Children
Most children love dogs, but not all dogs love children.

5. Sweet and Loving
There are many reasons for a person to choose a Golden Retriever as a pet, and one of those reasons is the fact that they’re sweet and loving.

6. They Get Along with Other Pets
When a new pet is brought into a home, it is important that the pet gets along well with the family.

7. Their Sense of Smell is Impeccable
Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs who are intelligent, enthusiastic and playful. This breed of a dog has a keen sense of smell as well.

8. Hardworking
Dogs are known to be man’s best friends for the longest time.

9. Highly Adaptable Pets
Fancy a pet that can adapt to any surroundings as good as you can?

10. They’re Attentive to Their Owners
Golden Retrievers were bred to be attentive towards its owners- one of the breed’s biggest strengths.

11. Playful
Golden Retrievers are playful, radiant and energetic, making them a favorite companion among kids and adults alike.
12. They’re Sporty Companions
You don’t have to worry about your dog not being able to keep up with you as you jog in the park or as you hike a mountain.

13. Strong
Golden retrievers are symmetrical, powerful dogs bred for tough working conditions.

14. Famous
The Golden Retriever does not require much introduction because it is already well known thanks to its long list of wonderful personalities.

15. They’re Great Hunting Dogs

16. They’re Full of Energy
This superior breed of dog has great energy and endurance.

17. They Love the Water
Having a natural affinity for water is one of the characteristics that makes Golden Retrievers such a superior breed of dog.

18. They have Beautiful Coats
Most of us look not only for pets but rather for beautiful pets.

19. They have Noble Stature
Most pet owners love the attention their pet gets, and would certainly be delighted to know that Golden Retrievers are bound to “turn-heads”.

20. They have soft mouths
Golden Retrievers are superior dogs because they are loving and playful.

21. They Live Long Lives
More often than not people have always preferred to have pets that will be their companions for a longer period of their lives.

22. They’re Obedient
With the exception of the young and exuberant,

23. They’re Easy to Train
Golden Retrievers ranks fourth on a scale of measuring trainability for obeying commands and well deserves that reputation.

24. They’re Fiercely Loyal
Golden Retrievers are fiercely loyal to their owner or master. This is an instinct that is learned from the environment they were bred in and for.

25. They’re Well-Mannered
Who doesn’t love a well-mannered companion?
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